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Friary's Big Week

It’s been over six months since Friary Guildford Band’s performance at the Regional Championships in Stevenage saw them qualify for the National Championships of Great Britain. The exhilaration and excitement at qualifying have maybe in the meantime dwindled as the Band knuckled down to further contests and the summer concert season, but over the past few weeks those emotions have again come to the fore as the big day approaches. Emotions alone will not translate into a performance worthy of the Royal Albert Hall, and there has been huge effort and commitment by the players as they prepare for what for many of them will be the performance of a lifetime. Band Chairman Nigel Stevens summed up the players’ feelings: ‘Saturday will be a moment in history for Friary Guildford Band. To walk out onto the stage at the Royal Albert Hall and play against the top bands in the country is both frightening and a wonderful opportunity.’ ‘It’s only three years ago that the Band travelled to Harrogate for the First Section finals and returned with the trophy and promotion to banding’s top flight. Little did we think then amidst the euphoria of winning the title – the first band from London & Southern Counties ever to have done so – that we would make it to the National Finals. Everyone will give it their best shot, and whilst realistically our aspirations may run short of lifting the title this time, we shall aim to bring Friary Guildford’s name to national prominence as we approach our 30th anniversary.’

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