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Legacy from Simon Kerwin

Earlier this year Friary was honoured to receive a legacy from the late Simon Kerwin, an internationally respected brass performer, conductor composer and arranger, who passed away last November at the tragically early age of 57.

Simon played tuba for, amongst other bands, Wingates, Britannia Building Society and Yorkshire Building Society as well as for the Hallé Orchestra, and conducted the Nottinghamshire Band of the Royal Engineers. Simon’s wife Tabby explained: ‘Simon wanted to see the bands, friends and colleagues who reflected his own ethos thrive. I’ve been delighted to make discretionary legacy gifts in Simon’s name to bands that we both felt would benefit from the investment and also as a ‘thank you’ for the impact those bands and individuals had on him.’

The Band is deeply moved and immensely grateful to both Simon and Tabby for their kindness and generosity.

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