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Friary's Olympic moment

With the country gripped by Olympic fever, Friary Guildford Band had their own moments of history when they played for Guildford’s Olympic Torch celebrations last month. The Band entertained the huge crowds who had turned out to watch the Olympic flame arrive in Guildford’s Stoke Park before it was whisked away by helicopter to the next stage of its epic journey around the UK. For many, it was the first time they had seen the flame. But for Friary’s Secretary, Lauren Cave, who works for Olympic partner EDF Energy, it was a familiar sight. For the previous few weeks, Lauren had been co-ordinating EDF’s Olympic torchbearers from both home and abroad around the country. “The flame was certainly a memorable sight, and – no pun intended – it really fired up everyone with enthusiasm for the Olympics. And although it was very much part of my life in July, it was something special to see it on the Band’s doorstep. We felt proud and privileged to be part of the occasion,” she added.

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