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Friary Begins Christmas Concert Season

Friary Guildford Band started its Christmas season in traditional fashion with the customary concert for the British Heart Foundation at Park Barn Centre on Sunday, where there is always a very warm welcome and responsive audience led by BHF Chair Shirley West.

Amongst the mainly festive music was a special version of My Way, arranged by bass player Nigel Simmons. This was a special request by Shirley, as a tribute to her family friend Hon. Alderman John Woodhatch, a former Mayor of Guildford who opened the Park Barn Centre. He grew up with Shirley and was best friends with her brother but sadly he passed away last month.

After the concert Shirley wrote: ‘What can I say – the arrangement for My Way was absolutely wonderful. Please thank all the band for me and my branch for a great afternoon.’

In attendance were local MP Anne Milton and both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Guildford, Gordon Jackson and Nigel Manning. The Mayor tweeted: ‘Fabulous Christmas concert with the wonderful Friary Guildford Band. One of the jewels in Guildford’s crown.’

We are most grateful to them all for their support.

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