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Friary on the move

After a search which has been ongoing for more than a year, Friary has found a new home! For the past few years the Band has rehearsed at All Saints Church Hall, Woodham and more latterly at Chobham Club but neither of these has been ideal.

Band Chairman David Wicks explains: ‘The acoustics at Woodham proved too harsh despite extensive measures we took, and the Club is about to be redeveloped. It’s become a major concern and distraction for us. Finding a suitable venue has not been at all easy, given the space, including storage, which we need and also trying to keep our existing rehearsal days and a convenient location which suit the players.’

‘We have now agreed a long term arrangement with Chertsey Hall which fits our requirements. The Hall has the added benefit of a stage so it would also be suitable for concerts as well as rehearsals.’

The Band will make the move over the Christmas break and begin rehearsing at Chertsey in early January.



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