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Trustees elected

On Monday 27 April, the Friary Guildford Band took time out from a normal rehearsal to hold our Annual General Meeting at Chobham Club.

The meeting was an opportunity to look back over the last year at the band's success, which include winning the Spring Festival Senior Trophy, winning 'Most Entertaining' Band at Butlins, as well as qualifying for the National Finals for the third consecutive year.

Outgoing Management Team members provided annual reports, and Chairman, Nigel Stevens, took the opportunity to provide band members with an update on how we're progressing against our objectives.

In line with our Chairty Commission Constitution, members of the Management Team were elected for the coming year:

Officers and Trustees:

Chairman: Nigel Stevens

Secretary: Lauren Straker

Treasurer: Jane Challiss

Band Manager: Chris Powell


Contest Secretary: Alex Stevens

Digital Media Manager: Richard Straker

PRO: Tim Straker

Librarian: Philip German

General MT member: Nick Krebs

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