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A Podium Finish For Friary's Return to Contesting

It was a podium finish for Friary as the Band returned to contesting, albeit virtually, in the Kapitol Cory Online Contest last

weekend. Recorded by players individually, the programme was based around the experiences over the past year, and started with a Zoom-call inspired (complete with disconnect to finish!) With a Little Help from my Friends before the premiere public performance of the new Callum Au arrangement of the classic Bridge over Troubled Water. This featured a stunning solo by Richard Straker on trumpet, with a sensitive accompaniment by the rest of the Band. With light now showing at the end of the Covid tunnel, the programme concluded with I Wanna Dance with Somebody, which has become something of a Friary anthem. There was top class video accompaniment for the set and the whole production justifiably earned high praise from the three adjudicators and contest host Philip Harper. Adjudicator Steve Stewart (Cory Band’s soprano cornet player), summed it up: ‘Overall a superb performance from start to finish, top notch stuff, great arrangements played brilliantly … visually so pleasing … an incredibly enjoyable10 minutes.’

The adjudication saw Whitburn take first place, with Friary and Amersham tied on points behind but the tie-break judge’s mark favoured Amersham, nudging Friary into third. ‘We certainly can’t complain at that result,’ commented Band Chairman Nigel Stevens, ‘especially as adjudicator Nigel Seaman had us placed first,’ he added. ‘We’re very grateful to Musical Director Chris King who undertook the sound editing and Richard Straker who handled the video element: it took an immense amount of their time and skill to produce such a first rate result. Congratulations to Whitburn and Amersham for their performances, and huge thanks Cory for putting on an excellent and well-run contest with close to 100 bands taking part,’ he concluded.

You can navigate straight to Friary's performance on YouTube here .



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